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How to videos

There is detailed information available on how to use all our products, which you can access by looking through the product catalogue. But here we have assembled a series of 'How to' videos, which we hope will get you up and running quickly.

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Micro Cue 2


The next generation of compact presentation cueing system, designed for the presenter on the move. Featuring dual USB ports for simultaneous cueing of multiple versions of a PowerPoint presentation.

Master Cue V5 USB

MasterCueV5 USB

The cueing system of choice for AV professionals. Wireless remote system for full presenter mobility on stage, hard-wired remotes provide backup.

Spot On


SpotOn is a fully integrated system which allows presenters to point to any area of their presentation slides - completely electronically.



How to use the Clockwatch.



The sophistacted and flexible answer to timing control.


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indicator 2


The sophisticated and obvious presenter aid.